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A Mac Rant

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This is a comment I left on an article on El Reg…but I felt that is bears repeating, and so I am reposting it here.

Anti-malware for Macs.

It exists.  For the love of $deity, USE IT.  (I am getting so sick of cleaning Macs…)

Welcome to the big time boys; after years of slogging in obscurity, Microsoft ****ed the pooch and gave Mac an opening.  Because Jobs is no one’s fool he took advantage of this and the end result is that as a platform, Mac is finally relevant.  Relevancy bears a cost; and that cost is being a valid target.

For systems administrators, it is now that the really hard work begins; convincing all those Mac users that their nice period of obscurity is over, and it’s time to start learning some basic desktop security principals just like all the Windows users have to.

If I get one more worm-ridden Mac in from some user who smugly states “that’s impossible; Macs don’t get viruses” I think I might just compress into a microsingularity and evaporate

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