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A miserable ending.

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I have taken a week to post my thouhgts on the conclusion to the world cup, because I needed to distance myself from the results.  As everyone knows, the Netherlands lost to Spain 1:0 in the second half of extra time.  It is not this that I find upsetting; the Netherlands did well to get to the finals at all, and I am proud of them for that!

What I find disheartening is the lack of style, class and sportsmanship displayed by the Netherlands in attempting to win this match.  They used a strategy of “try to foul your way to Victory” and it was downright shameful.  No victory is worth the heartbreaking match of football that was played.

For shame, Oranje.  Spain deserved that win a hundredfold.

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One Response to “A miserable ending.”

  1. voetbalschoenenmeester
    on Jul 22nd, 2010
    @ 6:11 AM

    couldnt agree more. to play on the edge, thats ok but karate kicks do not belong on a pitch.


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