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The Liberal party of Canada (the folks currently in charge) had their annual convention this weekend, and voted on fundamental stuff like “the party constitution”, “what should the party do”, etc.

Amongst other things, it is now party policy that the Liberal Party of Canada implement a Guaranteed Minimum Income strategy in Canada. In fact, from all discussions thus far, it looks like this will be a national implementation of Basic Minimum Income.

In theory, this could/would/should replace all other forms of safety net.  No more need for a government-sponsored pension plan, no more need for welfare, income plans for the disabled/ill/mentally ill/etc.   Every single person in Canada gets enough money from the government to pay rent buy food and so forth.

If you want to live somewhere other than a not very nice place in a not very nice part of town, own a car or other things, you must have a job and supplement the government income.  Progressive taxation will work as per normal and the whole thing should be accomplishable without raising taxes.  (A shocking amount of efficiency is possible when you collapse multiple bloated government departments down to one fairly simple one.)

If implemented, this is world changing.  Literally, actually world changing.  Canada would be the first G7 nation to eliminate poverty within its borders.  I could conceivably live to see social change that I would consider “birth of the federation” class advancement in the fundamental decency of socioeconomic policy.

I can only ask: “what took so ****ing long”?

Oh, Canada

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Every Canadian needs to realise who they just elected.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Something every Canadian should read…

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am not an individual who is big on the idea of “blog linking.” I find the whole concept of the internet joining in a gigantic circle of self-referencing ego-stroking hyperlinking to be aberrant at best.

With that in mind, I need to link to a blog.  Every single Canadian needs to read this blog. It is all about copyright reform, and is excellently researched and professionally presented. More importantly, it presents issues of copyright reform as they matter to CANADIANS, something that is a unique find on the internet.

The blog is here: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/blogsection/0/125/

Recently there has been a good analysis of the leak surrounding the ACTA treaty. Agree with piracy, don’t agree with piracy…we still need to know what is being negotiated in our name.

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