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The Register (El Reg) is a major web-based science and technology magazine operated primarily out of the UK.  It covers news related primarily to the information technology industry, but also covers major breakthroughs in various sciences.  It also has a “bootnotes” section containing articles that primarily point out examples of exceptional stupidity worldwide.

El Reg has a large and diverse reader base, many of whom interact with the authors of articles posted to the site, (and with each other) “comments” that are part of most articles. It is home to the “commenttards.”  We, (for I am one of them,) are made up of people from all walks of the IT world, from help desk operators to programmers and CxOs.  As with any internet forum, the comments section at El Reg can be home to impassioned debated about virtually any topic imaginable.  There are trolls, counter-trolls, pedants, evangelists, fanbois, and other common internet fauna.  There are regular commenters who have been with the site for as far back as anyone can remember, and an even larger number who read the comments, but never make a post. All comments are moderated by staff at El Reg, (usually Sarah “the moderatrix” Bee,) who occasionally participate in the discussions as well.

Once you filter the noise the comments on many articles, (usually those that aren’t in bootnotes,) are often insightful, and as valuable as the original articles themselves. Many of the commenttards at El Reg have years of experience in IT, and if you mine hard enough, there’s intellectual gold in them thar virtual hills.

This is why the powers that be at El Reg decided to scrape the comments section looking for the above mentioned gold.  They are pulling out “reader experts,” individuals who have been “voted up” by their fellow commenttards as providing comments of high quality. These reader experts are then asked to provide input and opinions are various topics, which make their way into articles posted on El Reg.  I am proud to say that alongside a systems administrator named Adam Salisbury, I was asked to be one of the two first reader experts to provide such content for El Reg. We were asked to submit 500-word answers to six questions, of which five became published articles.

El Reg has kindly allowed me to re-publish the content I provided them here on my site.   I will thusly be reposting all my articles from El Reg here, with links back to the original publication. Keep an eye out for them, and please check out the full articles at El Reg with the provided links.


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