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Cascading Webmin Groups

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When trying to delegate modules to users in Webmin we are sadly limited by the ability to add users to only one Webmin group at a time.  Fortunately, one can cascade groups in order to work around this limitation.  Groups can function as a superset of one another as per the following example:

I require Alice, Bob and Cassandra to be able to alter SpamAssassin’s configuration.  I can create a Webmin group called SpamAssassin_Users with access to that module and add all three users to it.  Should I require Bob and Cassandra to additionally have access to the System Logs module, I can create a second group called System_Logs_Users with access to that module.  I can make System_Logs_Users a member of the SpamAssassin_Users group and then make both Bob and Cassandra a member of System_Logs_Users.  Bob and Cassandra now have access to both SpamAssassin and System Logs whilst Alice is limited to being able to Manage SpamAsassin.

Thus simple kludge can save you a lot of time when you finally sit down to delegate modules, but if you use this trick pay close attention to group permission inheritance!

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