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This blog post is a call for help to the entire VMware community.

Larry Gonzalez, of vBrownBag fame, is in a bid of a bind. The short version of the problem is that he has $36k USD worth of debt at somewhere over 50% interest. (In Costa Rica, that’s somehow considered a good interest rate. *sigh*) The debt is out of control, and he’s drowning.

The long version of the story goes something like this:

For various reasons, which include multiple very ill parents, cancer, and a wife who has needed extensive help (including metal bits in her spine), Larry had to take on about $14k USD of personal debt. Unfortunately, the laws in his country basically make credit cards the only viable means for individuals to get personal loans, and there are no limits on what banks can charge in interest. The banks gave him a low (HA!) rate of over 50% interest. (They can charge up to 70%!) His debt has since ballooned to $36K.

Were Larry in Canada, the US, the UK, or so forth, he would be able to get a loan for this at well under 10%, and be able to pay it off in 5 years. At the 50%+ that he is being charged now, it’s a crushing burden that is quickly ruining his life.

The decision by the hive mind about how to solve this is “Go give money to Larry directly via his PayPal at https://www.paypal.me/larrygs. We’ll try to update the blog with the day’s total each night. We’ll list individual donations too, and you can be anonymous if you’d like.”

Thank you all in advance.

A personal note:

On a more personal note, I’d like to say that without Larry I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Larry has given of himself to the virtualization community for over a decade.  My career has advanced because of knowledge he has selflessly shared.  Larry has been there for me personally, as a friend, through some of my darkest hours.  I owe him.  Probably more than I can ever repay.

So directly to Larry: thank you, man.  I hope that the Royal We of the vCommunity can help you find your path through this.  I am only sorry I can’t do more.

Progress towards goal: 20.65%

Target: $36,000
Donations to date: $7435
Remaining to goal: $28,565

Donations so far

(All numbers in USD)

Anonymous: $1000
Anonymous: $2000
Anonymous: $2000
Anonymous: $1000
AJ Kuftic: $50.00
CTO Advisor: $25.00
Chris Williams: $50.00
Brian Knudtson: $50.00
Dee Abson: $50.00
John Troyer: $50.00
Kevin Johnson: $100.00
Matt Heldstab: $20.00
Ronald De Jong: $50.00
Alastair Cooke $500.00
Anonymous $300.00
John Nicholson: $100.00
Matt Crape: $40.00
Michael C Martino: $50.00

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