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About me:

Hello there!  I’m Trevor Pott; a writer and sysadmin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  When I’m not lashing networks together I spend my time writing articles for various tech magazines or doing marketing consulting for technology startups. I am cofounder of eGeek Consulting Ltd.

If for whatever reason you are possessed by the strange and disturbing desire to learn even more about me (you may want to have that looked at, by the way) a Q&A published by Spiceworks is here.

For PR folks and marketing bodies interested in pitching me, I recommend the Countdown-2-VMworld Q&A with me which you can read here.  It will give you a leg up against the torrent of press releases in my inbox every day.

If your goal is to win me over so I’ll say nice things about your product, don’t bother bribing me.  Instead, arrange to have your nerdiest, most technically in-depth people answer all my questions in a briefing.

If you are trying to arrange a briefing use my ScheduleOnce link.  If I am slow to respond to your e-mails, or forget to respond this isn’t because I don’t love you.  It is because the bike is on fire, and I’m on fire and everything is on fire and I’m in hell.  Try poking me again; persistence pays off, and I am not offended by it.

If you want me to write things for you, I can do so through eGeek Consulting Ltd.  If you want me to write about you in a technology magazine, please read about the Editorial Firewall first.

I have been recognized as a vExpert for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
I have been recognized as a vExpert-NSX for 2016.


Who I write for:

Virtualization and Cloud Review
I write a column called “The Cranky Admin” for Virtualization Review, as well as assigned features, reviews, and deep-dives. My articles and be found here.

The Register
I am a freelance writer for The Register.  My articles and be found here.

I write VMware focused “expert tips” and advice articles for SearchVmware. These articles can be found here.

WeBreakTech Along with my coworkers at eGeek (and with the contributions of geeks the world over) I have started my own tech blog with a focus on technology hardware, software and services reviews. My blogs and reviews can be found here.


Ethical considerations:

I am frequently placed under NDA or embargo by clients or vendors; these NDAs will be respected.  Information under NDA will not be blogged about, tweeted about or otherwise discussed without the client’s permission.  The may require me to withhold newsworthy information.  It is a necessary part of working as a contractor and as a tech journalist.

Anything told to me that isn’t under NDA, however, is absolutely fair game.  You have been warned.

Under no circumstances will I knowingly allow any vendor or client – no matter the NDA, embargo, posh junket or fat consulting check to censor my speech beyond the time limitations on publishing information.  My first duty as a writer and as a consultant is to the truth; without a reputation for calling things as I see them my word in either field has no value.



Here I list companies that have provided me or my company with long-term review hardware, junkets, or with whom we currently have a long term contract.

One-off items, such as being paid to provide a single whitepaper or blog are not listed.  These are left out both because those items are fixed deliverables and because we do so many of them for so many clients that listing them all would become a full time job in and of itself.  Having discussed it with numerous individuals, the consensus is that it is reasonable to assume that fixed deliverable one-off items are unlikely to elicit bias.

Anything that does not fall into the above category which I feel offers even the possibility of eliciting bias is documented below.  Items such as limited time subscriptions to software or cloud services are removed after they have expired.

My company has provided content (in one form or another) for a significant chunk of the virtualization and storage industry.  I have personally done interviews with, written articles on, attended conference meetings/parties with or otherwise been schmoozed, briefed, sucked up to, threatened, praised and publicly denounced by virtually player in this space from deep stealth mode companies to the various goliaths.

Attempting never to report on a company I have worked with, or never to work with the competitor of a company I am currently engaged with is impracticable.  Instead, I prefer to work with everyone, and in that manner be beholden to no one.  If everyone hates/loves me equally then there’s no incentive for anyone to get special treatment.

Please see my page on the Editorial Firewall for more information.

I have accepted junkets from the following companies:
VMware: Flight and accommodation to San Francisco to be focus grouped about vSphere 5.1 (2012)
Microsoft: Flight and accommodation to a Server and Tools reviewer workshop to preview Server 2012 R2 (2013)
Spiceworks: Flight and accommodation to Spiceworlds 2012, 2013, 2014
Simplivity: Flight and accommodation to SimpliVity Connect Boston 2016
Scale Computing: Flight and accommodation for an NDAed analyst briefing in 2016

The following companies have provided components for my test lab as part of a review process:
Supermicro: Various servers and switches.
Scale Computing: 3-node HC1000 and HC2000 clusters, SNAC node.
Dell: Powerconnect 8132F switch.
Intel: various network cards.
VMware: NFR software licences.
RetroUI: NFR software licences.
Western Digital: Sentinel DX4000, Sentinel DS6100, Sentinel DX4200
Micron: Various SSDs and RAM
ioSafe: ioSafe Server 5, ioSafe 214
Tintri: T-850

For more details on how any why this practice comes about, see here.  The above list does not not include access to products or services that I may be offered as part of my status as a vExpert.  Although that status is largely based upon my activities as a blogger the perks are offered to all vExperts across the board.



Trevor Pott is a full-time nerd from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is cofounder of eGeek Consulting Ltd. and splits his time between systems administration, consulting and technology writing.  As a consultant he helps Silicon Valley start-ups better understand systems administrators and how to sell to them.


Contact Info:
My work Twitter handle is @egeekconsulting.
My personal Twitter handle is @cakeis_not_alie.
My LinkedIn profile is viewable here.
If you would like to contact me via e-mail please end email to trevor DOT p AT Trevorpott DOT com.


Shameless plug

If you are looking for someone to develop technical marketing material or do  content creation take a wander over to eGeek.ca.  We also assist vendors with grokking the variegations in the IT market.  This ranges from market analysis to helping refine feature focus, develop go-to-market strategies and narrowing market targeting for specific campaigns.  The eGeek website links to a price menu with a comprehensive list of our offerings.

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