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About me:

I research, write about, and implement information technology, with a focus on information security. My earliest memories are of playing with computers. This grew at a young age into first a fascination and then a career.

In one way or another, I’ve been working with information technology my entire life. From systems administrator to technology journalist, freelance content creation to product marketing director. I help organizations recognize their outstanding information security debt, and guide them towards a more sustainable approach to IT.

My areas of interest in tech are information security, privacy, AI and ML, regulatory concerns, and data governance.

I have systems administration experience in pretty much everything except mainframes. And I’ve had to do enough research on them that I could probably administer those too, if I had to.

In my free time, I remain a freelance technology writer, cranking out papers, blogs, and articles.

If you want me to write things for you, I can do so through eGeek Consulting Ltd., the company I co-founded.

I have been a vExpert since 2013.

Contact Info:
My Fediverse social media account is @cakeisnotalie.infosec.exchange.
My CoSo account is @cakeisnotalie.
My LinkedIn profile is viewable here.
If you would like to contact me via e-mail please send email to trevor DOT p AT egeek DOT ca.

Who I’ve written for:

Virtualization and Cloud Review
I wrote a column called “The Cranky Admin” for Virtualization Review, as well as assigned features, reviews, and deep-dives. My articles can be found here.

The Register
I am a freelance writer for The Register.  My articles can be found here.

I write VMware focused “expert tips” and advice articles for SearchVmware. These articles can be found here.

The Countermeasure

I authored a weekly information security newsletter called “The Countermeasure” for ActualTech Media. Archived editions are here.

For a more complete selection of my writing, please see my Portfolio.


The following is a micobio provided for me by @bknudtson:

Trevor Pott is a hands-on technologist, with experience ranging from systems administration to technology marketing. He is the rare individual who can understand and operate almost any technology, but is also able to communicate the how, what, and why of a product to just about anyone. He uses this unique blend of experiences and talents to help technology vendors fine-tune their message to both business and technical buyers


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